Chris Baron

Portland-based Chris Baron will perform three shows in Eastern Oregon during the first week of August.

LA GRANDE — Chris Baron is packing in as many shows as possible this year — exactly opposite of how his tour schedule looked in 2020.

He hit the road in February 2022, and in April 2022 he won first place at the Tucson Folk Festival.

“The rest of the schedule exploded,” he said. “People want live music again.”

This week he has three shows in Eastern Oregon.

The first is Thursday, Aug. 4, for the Riverside Park concert series in La Grande. The music starts at 6 p.m.

On Friday, Aug. 5, he plays at Terminal Gravity in Enterprise from 7-9 p.m.

And on Saturday, Aug. 6, he’ll perform at Side A Brewing, 1219 Washington St. in La Grande, as part of the Side A-lley concerts. His show starts at 7:30 p.m.

Baron has played for about 25 years, since he started a band in high school. His band mates, he said, were a year older and attended the University of Oregon while he was still a senior.

“I’d go to band practice at the dorm,” he said. “And I’ve been playing ever since.”

He’s based in Portland, when he’s not touring up and down the West Coast. His shows are all west of the Rocky Mountains, and he tends to schedule gigs in places he’d like to see, or visit again.

Sometimes he plays solo, and sometimes as a band with the Two Secrets.

Live shows are a nice change from his “live from home” concerts that he streamed from his shed during the pandemic.

“All my fans were called Shed Heads,” he said with a laugh.

Now he’s back to a live audience.

“It’s so much better to travel and interact with people,” he said.

He describes his sound as “funky folk.” When solo, he plays acoustic guitar and kick drum. A full band adds an upright bass, cello and drums.

For a full schedule of his shows, visit His touring season finishes in November with the Spokane Folk Festival.

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