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BAKER CITY — Get ready to celebrate Oktoberfest and support Crossroads Carnegie Art Center with a drive-thru event on Saturday, Oct. 16. Read more

On a whim, I bought my dad a Smith-Corona Coronamatic 2200 typewriter for his birthday. The intent was to have him write down the fantastical stories he had lived through — from captaining a fishing boat through Panama while warplanes bombed ships to the time spent in an impromptu shelter of… Read more

LA GRANDE — Art Center East is more than a gallery or a place to shop before the holidays. The center’s programs allow you to make art within its walls or at home; provide platforms for sharing poetry and prose and a weekly exchange to share puzzles; and connect children with nature and science. Read more

WALLOWA COUNTY — The Wallowology Discovery Center’s weekly nature walks might be just the thing to lighten resurging pandemic blues. Even wearing a face mask, a hike in the fresh air and natural beauty of Wallowa County is sure to brighten an otherwise disheartening day. Read more


SUMPTER — With a flea market, train rides and an outdoor concert, Sumpter is serving up lots of activity for Labor Day weekend. Masks are required indoors and outdoors in large gatherings. Read more

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ELGIN — The Eagle Cap Excursion Train season picks up again this fall, beginning with exciting train robberies performed by the Gold Rush Bandits Sept. 4 and 5. Read more

My favorite author has got to be Leon Uris. His book “Exodus” I read after learning the book’s movie theme on the piano and I wanted to know what it was about. I saw the movie but, like they often say, the book is so much better. At more than 500 pages, it goes into much greater detail. Read more

HAINES — The (intentional) devastation of the demolition derby is back to raise money for the Haines Stampede Rodeo. Read more

I often find myself binging one podcast series or another, and right now it’s “Home Front” from NPR’s Rough Translation. “Home Front” is about the cultural and communication gap between those who have served in the military and those who have not, otherwise known as the civilian-military divide. Read more

Narratives, fiction and nonfiction are often concerned with the path to success, but it’s often what happens after that offers a far more compelling story. Read more

UNION COUNTY — The community is invited to tour small farms, orchards and producers this weekend for the second Union County Farm Crawl. Read more