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My entire life I’ve been fascinated by observing wildlife. I spent much of my childhood camping in the mountains of the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico. My father would tell me to be quiet and look for animals. That is where I saw my first deer, elk and bears. In the evening we would walk qui… Read moreWhat We're Into

Who hasn’t taken a leisurely drive along a winding county road in Union County? As you travel, you’ve no doubt noticed the names of roads, creeks and summits. Everything is known by its labels, Mount Emily, Sandridge, Ladd Canyon or Shaw Mountain, but what’s just as fascinating are the stori… Read moreOn The Road Again


EASTERN OREGON — Holiday paintings often feature families ice skating together, and families in Eastern Oregon can get a taste of that experience at seasonal ice rinks in Pendleton, Umatilla and Enterprise. Read moreTake a spin on the ice