I’m frequently on the hunt for classics — books that I think I should have read, or should read now, or probably did read sometime but don’t remember. I figure maybe I’ll be ready with knowledgeable responses if one of them ever pops up as a topic on “Jeopardy.” Read more

PENDLETON — Kerry Eggers, who visited Pendleton in 2018 to promote his last book titled “Jail Blazers,” is returning to talk about his latest release — a biography on the late, great Portland Trail Blazers forward Jerome Kersey. Read more

GLENDALE, Ariz. — A third book written by Rusty Bradshaw, former Oregon resident and editor/reporter for several newspapers in the state, is now available for purchase on multiple platforms. Read more

Early one Sunday morning on a quiet stretch of London’s Regent’s Canal, Miriam makes a grisly discovery. In the houseboat next to hers lies the bloodied body of a young man. He has been stabbed repeatedly and, as a finishing touch, has “a wide smile carved into his throat.” Read more

Through the seemingly endless waves of the pandemic, and in reading about the effect it’s had on our culture, my mind has often turned to the resiliency of the human spirit, and from where it arises. In this spirit, I felt compelled to reread Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” — a … Read more

Like Stephen King’s other books, “Billy Summers” is full of monsters. But they’re not the paranormal type usually associated with the horrormeister. These monsters are murderers, mobsters, rapists and thieves — in short, wrongdoers of every stripe. Read more